Final day and final thoughts on Nepal… for now

I had one day left in Nepal and per many friends suggestions decided to spend it in Bhaktapur – and I’m so glad I did. Bhaktapur is a walled City that like Katmandu is over if the three royal cities of the country, full of temples, statutes and monuments, however because it’s walled the spirituality is not (entirely) lost in masses of cars, although motorbikes still make their way though the crowded streets. It’s also been much better preserved though the 6 centuries of it’s existence, and although there was extensive damage during the 2015 earthquake, much has been restored and repairs are ongoing. I visited just before the festival of Dashsain, so the streets were full of Nepalis coming to buy gifts of pottery, instruments, weaved fabrics and artwork for their families. I myself bought spices and art for friends back home, the art coming from a studio that offered free classes to locals funded entirely by tourist contributions.

Like Spain, I’ve found that the places that combine the most extreme departure from the familiar culture with dramatic natural beauty end up having the most lasting effect on me, and Nepal did just that. I know for a fact that I will return and have started drafting up a combo trekking/yoga/volunteering retreat that I could coordinate for friends, and I’ve reached out to the Nepali ski and snowboard foundation to offer my assistance for instructional camps, introducing the very unknown sport to the locals and possibly create a winter attraction during an economically slow season. I left humbled and in awe Nepalis’ nature and spiritual teachings, and I promise to not leave those lessons behind once I step on the plane to Spain. Thank you so much, and see you again very soon 🙂


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