The Big Reveal!

Appropriately enough on this coming labor day weekend, I’m announcing to the virtual world that I’m quitting my cushy aerospace job to live on a sailboat in the South Pacific for ~3 months! Goodbye (at least temporarily) to commutes and cubicles, hello sunshine, seawater and squalls! I’ll be living and working aboard the Infinity as we sail among the remote islands of Tonga, Fiji and the Marshall Islands. The driving force is not just to set aside the 8-5 for a bit and explore the beauty of this far-off world, but also to experience and provide assistance to the lands and communities that are on track to be underwater in our lifetime. I know it will be a crazy departure from familiarity, but I’m excited to let the wind (and the very skilled captain) take the reigns and become a part of the community on-board the Infinity!
After I get off the boat, I’ll likely spend the next few months exploring both abroad and here in North America, while taking the opportunity to volunteer where I can along the way. So yah, there’s that! I fly out October 23 and will still be accessible by phone (same number) and email, although there will be a few day gaps here and there for sure.
I’ve been so impressed by my friends that I’ve seen jump into the unknown and the un-traditional to explore beyond their backyards ( Samantha, Eric, Megan, Jennifer, Nathan, Sarah and Erin to name a few) and can barely believe that I’m about to do the same… but opportunity is knocking and I’m opening the door… ⛵

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