Day One

Yesterday was my first full day on the boat and the epitome of my hopes for this journey. We woke up, made breakfast, and made our way over to the local school to install a new battery and control system for their solar panels thanks to The Floating Foundation. Man I haven’t had my hands on hardware in too long! That night we participated in a local Tongan feast of jackfruit, plantains, pork and fish while celebrating the birthday of a woman from across the island after the local children sang. After retuning to the boat we laid out under the stars and sang for hours courtesy of Ryne Tucker’s incredible guitar skills. I write this as the sun is rising over the town and choir practice is in session, with the sea so still that you can pick out a school of fish just grazing the surface. Needless to say, I so feel lucky to be here and in awe that this is only the first of many communities like this that I’ll get to experience in the coming months. I’ll get in the habit of taking more pictures in the process too 🙂

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