Getting what you need

Note – Written Dec 10th, just getting around to publishing on Dec 24th…
Cue the cliche and oft-repeated Rolling Stones Chorus: “You can’t always get what you want… but when you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need.” I wanted to get a flight to Gaua. It didn’t happen, so I resorted to Santo, which surpassed all expectations by leaps and bound. I wanted to not be sick once I got to Malo, but being drained of energy forced me to slow down, heal my body, and be fully present in this village I’m so lucky to be a part of right now. There will always be mountains to climb and reefs to snorkel, but every village, every personal interaction is a unique and special experience, especially on an island off an island in a remote island chain in the South Pacific. And yet I could not feel more at home. Vomalehi, Vuro, and their whole family have taken care of me since I arrived, from the fresh lemonade and hot water awaiting my arrival (which was exactly what I needed in that moment), to the delivery of drinking coconuts and sour sop to my doorstep. And I know there are lots of yellow dogs in the world, but Rasta is going to be my Ted stand-in as long as I’m here. Slowing down leaves room to appreciate the little things, like the huge beetles pulling clean up duty in the dining gazebo, or the huge hermit crabs accompanying me to the bathroom at night, or appreciating the sounds of children’s ear piercing giggles, recognizing them as a cross-culture constant in childhood vs the sounds of the two devils incarnate ( I suppose Chloe & Rhiann aren’t so bad after all 😉 ). I still plan to hike to the blue hole and do more snorkelling tomorrow (really hoping I feel up to it!) but right now I am at peace with my plague and am so thankful for this solace to rest in!

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