American in London

The primary intent of my time in London was less to see the city and more to see my friend Kevin and his baby and catch up with Phil, but I managed to get a good feel for the city in the process. Well, nix the term “good”… the city was pretty and at times I loved the lavish and historic vibe, but although it was nice to be back in a place where I spoke the language, that familiarity soon was thwarted by an overwhelming feeling of rudeness from the Londoners I encountered! What gives? Perhaps it was because I was an American visiting at the same time Trump was, perhaps the local personality is a dry, honest one with no need for a superficial smile. I tried not to take it too personally, and was happy to spend time with friends after all of my solo travel. I fit in a run around the city, past Parliament, up and down the river Thames, by London(/Tower) Bridge, by the Trump Protest, through English Bobbies (Police) with their funny hats, and up and down the spiral staircase in the Monument to the Great Fire of London. I went to the supercool Fitzroy Tavern which felt like the Epitomy of a British Pub. Then on the other side of the spectrum, Phil, Kevin, a bunch of Phil’s friends and I attended the Abandoman show, a hilarious musical improvisor who pulled both Kevin and I up on the stage as subject matter. Proof below.

I spent a day at first the National Gallery and thereafter a separate Picasso Exhibit, delving into his life and transformation as an artist. The definite highlight and impetus for the trip was the James Taylor & Paul Simon concert at Hyde Park. It didn’t seem to matter how big huge the crowd was or how old each of the performers were getting – they each put on a show that had me in happy, nostalgic tears, singing their hearts out along with a crowd of around 60,000 fans.


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